MerchBlue is here to help you win.

You offer union-made merch to your supporters via ActBlue. 

We make it and fulfill it for you.

No upfront costs, no hassle.

Designer sits using a computer to design new merch

You design your merch

Create your design. ‌Make t-shirts, buttons, signs, or bumper stickers.

ActBlue merch creation page showing options for creating a merch offer

Publish through ActBlue

Put your merch onto your ActBlue pages. ‌Supporters can donate through ActBlue to get the merch.

Person printing onto a t-shirt

We make and fulfill the merch

Once a supporter has donated, we will retrieve the order and send them the merch. ActBlue gives you the donation, and we charge your credit card for the cost of the merch.

Offer t-shirts

No minimum order.

No upfront costs.
Choose from US-made options, all union printed.
Bring in donations for your campaign or organization while making your donors happy!

Offer buttons

Make one or make thousands!

Buttons are a tradition in politics since George Washington's inauguration--seriously! 

Sign up for our beta!

In addition to offering t-shirts and buttons, we will be adding more kinds of shirts and sweatshirts, signs, bumper stickers, and other kinds of merch soon.